Relevant Leaders Make Everything Relevant

Relevant Leaders Make Everything Relevant

Relevant LeadershipIn 2013 I wrote “Last Retailer Standing – Relevant Leadership Relevant Brand”
The book is as much about leadership as it is about winning in business.
Because the two are very much in separable.
Five years later, I find that leaders still struggle with being relevant no matter the role or industry.
However, this new economy is going to take its toll if leaders don’t begin to evolve.
The problem is that we are human and we make mistakes everyone does, everyone!
There are signs of it in every organization and no leader is exempt from this.
Weakness in leadership brings out all kinds of gimmicks.

Typical Misjudgements About Leadership

Selling ideas that are not relevant to the company to motivate teams.
Agree to discontent about change initiatives with staff.
Plenty of leaders try their best to motivate and influence a team that’s not buying in.
You will see leaders, quoting the wealthiest and most successful in hopes of getting attention.
Some may even try to introduce books that they want people to read. Bad idea!

What If Your Leadership Is The Problem?

What if the only way you can make a difference, is by your willingness to change how you behave?
To thine own self be true! Shakespeare (Hamlet)
Most people who are in leadership roles don’t see their shortfalls.
Some believe that their past successes will carry them through.
I’ve met leaders who believed that their value to the company made them indispensable.
There is also this resistance to change or an unwillingness to recognize the need to change with times.
Sometimes and I mean this sincerely, even their wardrobe and hairstyles were dead giveaways of their unwillingness to change.
If the world is changing and you are not how can your leadership remain relevant?

7 Signs It’s Time To Change

1. You complain about under performers and not addressing the issue.
2. Your motivation is down and you begin to hate your job.
3. Communication between you, your boss and employees has changed.
4. Your approach to improve performance is more process and task driven.
5. You set incredibly high unachievable targets to make up for past misses.
6. Forgetting the behaviours that got you this far.
7. Believing that everyone will be as inspired by the same things you are.

If  You Want To Be A Relevant Leader

Don’t make it about what’s important to you.  Relevant leaders don’t need to feel self important.
You need to make it about what’s important to your team.
Stop running the meetings, let your team lead the meetings. Relevant Leaders know when to let go.
It’s a great motivator and personal developmental process.
Start by holding yourself accountable first, this creates trust.
Make it about their careers not yours, every discussion and market visit should be about them for a few minutes.
Change is painful, show everyone the way, don’t tell them about how you plan to change,  let them will see it in you.
If you’ve been working for at least 10 years, do more to keep up with the world.

How To Stay Relevant

If you don’t know what blockchain means, you had better learn about it fast.
If your Linkedin account has less than 300 connections, get connected to everyone you work with.
Embrace and lead change, challenge it if you must, but be supportive.
Know what the top three to five trends in business are.
Work and Careers are about what’s relevant to the company not what’s relevant to you.
Learn new skills don’t let yourself become outdated.
Become an expert at two subjects that will be important for a decade.
Constantly conduct a self-evaluation.
More importantly don’t get caught believing that you career will never change.

About Me:

My name is George Minakakis, I am the CEO of Inception Retail Group
In my role I advise businesses and am a Keynote Speaker.
I have led real companies with real people globally. I am authentic.
Author of two books:
“Last Retailer Standing Relevant Leadership Relevant Brand
Also soon to be out July 2018 “The Great Transition Emergence of Disruptive Leadership”