Unconventional Leadership Breaks All The Rules

Unconventional Leadership Breaks All The Rules

What if leadership at all levels could make a stronger difference in this unconventional and unpredictable world?

What if executives could be just as Unconventional in a non-innovative company or an organization that is in need of significant change?

Business Growth = Unconventional Approaches

It is possible that most business transformations can succeed provided the organization is defendable.
Can you become a disruptive leader within your organization and build a defendable brand?
The question then becomes what level of courage do you possess as a leader?
What disciplines does the organization need to change to address what lies ahead of them?

Todays Unconventional Business World

Watching retail and others businesses evolve in the past was exciting as watching paint dry.
Change use to be for the most part, very slow and almost predictable.
Because we had time to think about strategic choices that might work and respond in kind to competitive threats.
In fact there was a time that competition was civilized and orderly.
We no longer live in an orderly world, not even in politics as we know!

Four Questions And Answers

  1. Where will the disruptive nature of new technology and its applications strike next?
    As defiant as companies want to sound about their ability to repel competitive threats, they know that this is different.
  2.  Why do strategies no longer have longevity? Because it is almost impossible to identify with confidence which strategic direction to take.
    Likewise, if you do define a strategic direction it had better be very fluid, able to adapt to dozens of new and unexpected scenarios.
  3. What about careers and work itself? How do you protect the most sacred cow to an economy?
    Nothing is simple, (not to blame technology), in the past everyone had time to adapt, education, government and other institutions.
    They are tied down by bureaucracy and all are in for a significant culture shock.
  4. Does the world  need more disruptive leaders? What about the unconventional nature of todays leaders?
    Yes!  Careers, businesses and nations will lose competitive advantages without unconventional/disruptive leadership.

Your Career

The last decade has shown me that traditional thinking, leadership and management are not as effective as they use to be.
In fact, most of the new businesses that are cropping up are unconventional.
They are also led by unconventional leaders.
If your career is important, you need to begin to think and behave like an unconventional leader.
What’s the difference between the person who gets hired for a position or gets to keep their job in a restructure?
They have what you do; experience and functional skills, there is something else:
They are not inhibited by;
– the fear to take risks
– speak their mind
– think out of the box
– put their career on the line
– work like entrepreneurs
They are in essence game changers.

How Do You Get There In Your Career?

Life is full of risks and careers have never been more vulnerable to change as they are now.
Know what you have to offer and determine how those skills would benefit an entrepreneurial environment.
The next part is not easy, be prepared to move from company to company.
You are now a knowledge worker as Peter Drucker saw workers evolving many years ago.
Be certain of the value you have to offer.
Continuously, upgrade your skills.
You are not redundant as long as you keep evolving.

How Does A Business Get There?

There is only one solution; the leadership and management skills of the organization must evolve faster.
In fact, if you are chasing any nouveau strategies, be prepared that if it isn’t homegrown it will likely not succeed.
The only transformation or reinvention you want to consider upfront, is the one that changes your organizations behaviours first.

Unconventional Leadership
A Defendable Brand Is Constantly Able To Evolve

Read the chapter on COST in my new book (it will be in publication by Jan 2019)
Evolve the culture and talent make talent a competitive advantage, otherwise you are not going to achieve anything.

This Is The New Paradigm Shift Embrace It Or Get Left Behind!

There are a lot experts telling you (myself included) what’s important to your success.
However before you embrace their ideas or even mine for that matter,  be sure that they have embraced the future and have led organizations from the top.
Credibility is important to all of us. If they person you are getting advice from haven’t led from the top. Get some more advice.

About My New BookGeorge Minakakis

I can tell you is that this book is provocative, controversial and unconventional.
I am challenging the business world to think differently.Why? Because we are now in such an unpredictable era that traditional leadership and management thinking isn’t enough on its own.

Controversial:  The consumer is behaving very differently online than you think.
There is also a lot of turnover of marketing professionals who are unable to achieve customer and sales growth.
There is a reason for all of that.

Provocative:  Playing by the rules maybe hurting your business more than it does good.

Unconventional: The new normal is always about to expect the unexpected.  Brace for impact!

My name is George Minakakis, I lead Retail Brands into the new economy.