Business Crisis Within A Health Crisis

Business Crisis Within A Health Crisis

The Great Transition from the old economy to old economy


We are in a business crisis within a health crisis.

The intent of this book was never to predict the future. I never predicted the pandemic either but I had been tracking it since early January 2020. However, it is about the future coming right at us and that we shouldn’t ignore it from a management and leadership perspective. This is not the financial crisis it is business and health crisis with everything else in between and whatever comes after it.

When I began writing the Great Transition the Emergence of Unconventional Leadership it was about the shift from the old economy to a new one. It was clear that technology was not going to stop its march to the future. I made a correlation between the Great Depression and the Great Recession being similar events that would lead to more change. Continuous change that will not pause. I also covered off Moores Law as a means to depict just how fast change is tied to our ability to improve technology.

Mark Twain said; “history doesn’t repeat itself but it often rhymes”. Nothing is more accurate than that statement. But we have also been through many technological changes each either quickly or slowly leaving the past behind. It all depended on our willingness to adopt and adapt. We usually adopt and adapt especially when it means simplifying our lives. 

What’s the debate that’s happening today? Whether or not the the pandemic has created permanent change in human behaviours? In short the answer is yes, and for all the reasons you can think of. However we have seen throughout history that we can cope and adapt to all kinds of change. That’s not always the same for businesses. In fact, it never turns out well for most businesses.

Business Longevity

There are many businesses that do survive and I highlight just a few for the purpose that it can be done. However when there is a change in cultural leadership there are no guarantees. Culture is a very important part of an organizations survival. Even with the worst of founders once removed you will find that change often isn’t healthy. Many private equity firms relish the idea of professionalizing organizations. But that isn’t always turnout very well. The level of change depends on the organization the more intense because of lapses in technology or operations, the higher the risk of failure.


Management and Leadership SkillsBusiness Crisis within a Health Crisis Five disciplines of growth management skills “The Five Disciplines of Growth”

I have always contended that the depth of management skills are usually lacking in organizations.  Why is that? Because too often people with the wrong set of skills and experiences are promoted or appointed into roles where more discipline and experience is needed. So I developed and wrote about the Five Disciplines of Growth. If businesses want longevity they need to adopt these five disciplines of growth.  This isn’t a nice to do it is a must and organizations need to measure their internal performance against them. And it must be a continuous process. A business crisis within a health crisis creates a number of risks. The five disciplines allow you to stay on track with internal thinking.




Human Resource and Leadership “The Reliability Quotient

Business crisis within a health crisis the great transition retail market human resources
The Reliability Quotient determines your organizations ability to manage through change

The Reliability Quotient may well be the only performance review an organization needs. Because it places a great deal of emphasis on the skills and competencies of the each leader regardless of level.  Because it focuses on their ability to continuously impact on performance. Simply it removes all ambiguity. The book comes with an outline of measures inside each part of the quotient.

Authenticity simply is about a person being real its not a facade.

Integrity it is about a leader and how incorruptible they are.

Credibility is about the ability of leader to repeat their strong performance.

Accountable this is about a no-excuses leadership.







The Great Transition The Emergence of Unconventional Leadership

The book itself is about helping leaders understand their environment and build both longevity and continued ability to win in the marketplace.  On an episode of The Business Of Retail is said that we need scenario planning to prepare for risks and to get out of this mess.
This is not an easy business world that we are in. Business is in Crisis within a Health Crisis. This why leaders are struggling to understand their next moves. Everything today is short-term and fluid. Because there are two crisis to deal with today. Post pandemic is another story there are one of three scenarios to consider. They are both consumer and economic that’s a discussion for a different post.

Business crisis within a health crisis Best Seller The Great Transition

George Minakakis is the CEO of Inception Retail Group Author of The Great Transition The Emergence of Unconventional Leadership
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