If You Want To Change The World Learn To Lead

If You Want To Change The World Learn To Lead

If you want to change the world learn to be a great leader. If you have vision,  you will have to earn credibility and integrity.
But you must learn what leadershiIf you want to change the world learn to leadp is really about.

Leaders fail for one of many reasons; they’ve become stale, out of touch, more bureaucratic versus leading or they were a bad hire or appointment. It is not difficult to tell a strong leader from a weak one. There are a number of traits that define strong leaders. First you can trust them to finish the job. Second they are not bureaucratic . Third they have a great deal of courage to challenge the process and thinking. Four they have a high level of integrity , and their ethics are immovable.

If you want to change the world strengthen your personal will. (see this article Your Personal Will Is Everything )

Weak leaders on the other hand rely on making promises to make you happy. They suffer  from a lack of confidence. Unable to deal with the unknown undermines their authority. Telling it like it is makes them uncomfortable. Why does this happen? Because they are easily distracted and never developed self-discipline and organizational skills.

The most valuable lessons a leader should learn

Things don’t happen for one of two reasons, lack of knowledge or lack of execution.  Because simply knowledge is management and execution is leadership.  Successful leaders serve to achieve and full-fill goals. Great leaders leave a legacy of visible and measurable successes. It’s not about titles and corner offices.  Accountability comes from being a visible and transparent leader, in other words you own the problem or opportunity, that goes with the job.

If you want to change the world be willing to Listen and Learn. Because when we don’t do those two things a leader becomes vulnerable to change. So the ability to manage change is not just a skill it is a sign of maturity. Also the more global experience a leader has the more comfortable they are with diversity. Therefore, it makes leading a more enjoyable role. Because far too many leaders get trapped in the old school world of hierarchy and status, that’s when you get lost in the weeds and are no longer connected with people.

The best leaders are not always those who can to drive the train or fix it. But they are the ones that know how to work with people, roll up their sleeves and get things done.

If you want to change the world and make a difference be willing to accept responsibility. That doesn’t make you weaker it makes you more trustworthy.

George Minakakis is the CEO of Inception Retail Group Inc. an advisory firm to private equity and business owners. He is also the author of the Great Transition the Emergence of Unconventional Leadership.