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Everything we know is going to change even faster. The internet, e-commerce and social media were nothing in comparison to what will come our way in the next 10 years.

Who has driven these changes? We have with our fascination for technology and the desire to be able to do more with less of our time is the catalyst.
Unfortunately this speed of change is not allowing businesses and careers to keep up.

Investing in technology is one answer however it does not replace the need for stronger competitive strategies.
More effective management decision making.

And more importantly leadership that can influence the right level of change continuously!

Consumers are going to demand a lot more! Better quality, product performance, increased service, no faulty manufacturing, product longevity, extended warranties for free. It is all coming our way.


The Great Transition The Emergence of Unconventional Leadership &  The Last Retailer Standing Relevant Leadership Relevant Brand.

Limited time Paperback combo $19.99 cdn.

Books Written by George Minakakis

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Both copies will have my personal autograph.

This is a limited time offer while quantities last.

Both copies for $19.99 Cdn

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