The Great Transition The Emergence of Unconventional Leadership

We’ve all heard of The Great Depression and more recently of The Great Recession.

Welcome to The Great Transition!
A place where Unconventional Leaders Are Changing The World.

Everything we know is going to change even faster. The internet, e-commerce and social media were nothing in comparison to what will come our way in the next 10 years.
Who has driven these changes? We have with our fascination for technology and the desire to pursue personal interest and less of it being taken up by the mundane.
Unfortunately this speed of change is not allowing businesses and careers to keep up.
Investing in technology is one answer however it does not replace the need for stronger competitive strategies.
More effective management decision making is paramount in bringing a successful future into fruition for business and careers.
And more importantly having the kind of leadership in place that can influence the right level of change continuously!

Nevertheless, there is window of opportunity to accomplish three things:
1. Enter the new economy much stronger than everyone is doing today.
2. Build a defendable brand that can adapt faster and compete.
3. Build a defendable business career to stay in the game. 

The Great Transition by George Minakakis

Who Is This Book For?

You could be a retailer, service based business, a consultant, healthcare practitioner, consumer goods manufacturer, lead a large or small organization, manage or work in an organizational function, you could be an entrepreneur or run a home based business. This book offers a prescription to succeed in the new economy.

I am sharing with you my years of global executive experience on how to succeed in an unpredictable marketplace.

You will find my writing style to be very forthright and personal.

Some say it is as though I am there speaking to you.
The interesting part about the current situation is that we are only at the beginning.
With each evolution in technology  things will only change faster.
When people and organizations go through an intelligent analysis of what and how this new economy will change, the possibilities are endless when it comes to opportunities.
However opportunities do not come without risks. I for one believe that the internet of things, artificial intelligence and advanced robotics are  going to challenge industries and jobs.
Consumers are going to demand a lot more!
Better quality, product performance, increased service, no faulty manufacturing, product longevity, extended warranties for free. It is all coming our way.

From The Great Transition The Emergence of Unconventional Leadership

In this book I am introducing a number of prescriptions and breakaway ideas. One of them is the “Reliability Quotient” a means for companies to take their culture to a much higher level of performance. What use to work in Human Resources also needs to evolve, the reliability quotient will separate your company from all others.
The Reliability Quotient replaces the old performance reviews and binds everyone in the organization to four key attributes. 

Without the Reliability Quotient you cannot get from the present to the future.

Everyone today is looking for that one single magic strategic idea that will turn their business around.
Businesses and careers have never been as challenged and as threatened as they are today.

The Great Transition The Emergence of Unconventional Leadership is the must read for anyone that wants to advance their business and career. 

Change will only happen with leaders that are daring enough to challenge the status quo with new thinking and the willingness to fail. 


The Great Transition by George Minakakis

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