The Great Transition

How much would you pay a consultant to keep your retail brand relevant in the new economy?The Great Transition by George Minakakis
What is the success of your business worth to you?
There are plenty of ideas on how to improve your customer experience but most won’t work.
Do you know why?
Because most of those that have something to sell have never done it. They only quote everyone else’s success which they had nothing to do with.
My name is George Minakakis
I wrote a new book and it is Called The Great Transition – The Emergence of Unconventional Leadership.
There are two points about the book.
It is a prescription to improve your business performance.
To think strategically like a retail executive of a successful retail chain.
There are also grassroots strategies as well.
2020 is going to be a challenging year.
Are you ready? Don’t wait until New Years this is the book to be reading.
Order it today. Available at Amazon and other booksellers.

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