Who's A Retail Realist?

You are! That is if you have both an inquisitive and skeptical mind. 

However you also need to have  a little humour; so take this test.

You are a Retail Realist if:

  1. You believe that Customer Experience will improve when someone tells the CEO you need more people for that.
  2. You believe that the last time you saw a retail strategy succeed you only had five stores as a regional manager.
  3. You believe that Deeper Discounts are another way of saying that we have no better ideas.
  4. You believe that the announcement for the business transformation means it’s time to update your resume.
  5. You believe that using someone else’s ideas is equivalent to admitting to plagiarism.
  6. Your brand is in trouble because this is the 3rd CEO in five years.
  7. Your company’s media update on digital strategies sounds like what BlockBuster Video said about their turnaround plan.
  8. Your brands idea on Artificial Intelligence is to hire real people to hide in a box and pretending to be an AI unit.
  9. Machine language in your Company is using acronyms as code.
  10. If you were CEO for a day you would tell the head of strategy that bringing in public speakers is not what you meant by we needed a fresh perspective.
  11. You believe that virtual reality is only great when your company has made payroll.
  12. Your employees have a different view of what BOPIS means. (Buy Often Please In Store)
  13. Your e-commerce platform works only when an employee is there to take the order.
  14. You just saw a company posting for ChatBox representative.
  15. You are afraid you may have to turn into a whistle blower because your company just signed a deal with the same call centre that sells air duct cleaning service.

Aside from my sometimes off the wall humour which is driven by my concern for the success and future of this industry.  I am a retailer at heart and in all accounts a very good one. My goal is to help all retailers globally succeed. To accomplish that goal I decided that the only path is one of facts and honesty. Everything else is a distraction that only helps your competitors.

My name is George Minakakis and I have led all the changes that everyone else talks about.
Author of The Great Transition The Emergence of Unconventional Leadership and Last Retailer Standing Relevant Leadership Relevant Brand

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